Personal Data Protection Law

According to the Personal Data Protection Law no.6698 which entered into force in 2016 and its secondary regulations and also European Union-General Data Protection Regulation which entered into force in 2018 (GDPR), we provide legal consultancy services of establishing data inventories and performing risk analysis within the scope of Personal Data Protection Law&GDPR, taking necessary measures to bring the personal data processed in all units of the companies into compliance with the Personal Data Protection Law&GDPR, its secondary regulations and the decisions of the Personal Data Protection Authority, providing training on the subject to employees, leak testing, executing registration of the Data Controllers Registry and E-commerce information system, follow-up of complaints and objection processes, working with technical experts who will receive external support when necessary within the scope of technical aspects of the subject, and ensuring that technical solutions are in compliance with legal regulations to our clients. We remain our consultancy about monitoring the compliance process.